Mern (Moderator):
No more Limitations

Whiteboards often do not hold enough space to visualize all elaborations during workshops. The Innox Whiteboard paper solves this limitation. It can easily be attached to any surface next to the whiteboard and expand necessary space to visualize all content. Conceptual plannings created by the groups are often visualizes on flip chart paper and then sticked to the wall. Problems with falling paper and fiddling with sticky tape can be avoided by using the Whiteboard paper. It gives you much more time to focus on more important aspect of the workshop such as individual Feedback.


S.Holm (CEO):
Organize meeting more effectivly

Meetings often consume a lot of time without being very productive. From my experience Innox-Notes help to shorten meeting and make them more efficient as Innox illustrate concepts in a tangible way. Especially for strategic planning, Innox are superior traditional post-its: You can quickly restructure your thoughts because the slides are easily moved around without losing their adhesive abilities.

Kroos (Student):
Structure learning materials easily

Thanks to Innox Notes I can coordinate my learning material much better. When studying for an exam the movable films are a big advantage. My productivity is significantly increased through the use of Innox Notes, because I can visualize everything better than before.

Siebra (Vater):
walls, without painting on the wall

My children can live out their creativity on our walls without making our white walls dirty. I simply put some Innox or Whiteboard paper on the wall and let them run free. It gives them fun to realize their artistic imagination and move the slides back and forth on the wall. The pictures can also easily be “hung” in different places, so that grandma and grandfather and all friends can admire the pictures.